NAI Region 9 2019 Workshop

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Columbia State Historic Park | Sonora, CA

April 5-7, 2019

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“Digging Deeper: Mining the Past for History’s Untold Stories”

Welcome to NAI Sierra Pacific (Region 9) Spring 2019 Workshop! We hope to see you April 5-7, 2019 at Columbia State Historic Park in Columbia, California. This year’s theme is Digging Deeper: Mining the Past for History’s Untold Stories. We invite you to attend workshop sessions, off-site learning trips and group events during the weekend.

Each year, we come together as interpreters from all fields to share the ways to authentically connect with each other, our sites, our visitors, and the people and communities of which we are a part. This workshop is also a chance to rediscover, refocus, refresh or perhaps reach out for the first time to other interpreters.

Not sure if you are an interpreter? If you communicate the meanings connected to and information about peoples, places and ideas, you might just be one of us! Whether your field is natural history, culture, foodways, health, recreation, technology or some combination of these, the tools and approaches of interpretation can help you provide bridges to relevance and connection for your visitors.

This year we encourage attendees to seek beyond the usual stories and approaches, to dig for the “under-told” tales and fresh views of the sites, objects and concepts that you interpret. Whose stories are you not telling? What materials in your care are not being shared? How has the environment around you been (mis)understood, shaped and used by previous generations and cultures?

Presenters share the knowledge, experience, techniques and collaborations that helped them to create programs, exhibits and media. Workshop talks provide tools to engage communities and ways to communicate the richness of our places.

Please join us for 3 days of professional development, networking, fun and learning in the historic Gold Rush town of Columbia.

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