Highlight an Interpreter!

Gold_Star_(with_border)This note is for anyone who works with amazing interpreters… and that’s basically everyone!

We are looking for nominations for “Interpreter(s) of the Month” for the NAI Region 9 Newsletter. If you work with someone who shows dedication and passion doing what they love to do, then please let us know about them! We want to recognize the good work being done in our Region.

Contact Ryan Bangs (ryanbangssmc2015[at]gmail.com) to nominate an interpreter you know. All that is needed is a few sentences on why you believe they are so amazing.



Your Input Needed for Interpreting Native Cultures


As you may have heard, the NAI section formerly known as Cultural Interpretation of Native Peoples has been dissolved.  Many of us are interested in reinventing this organization as Interpreting Native Cultures and would, for the time being, be a chapter of the Cultural and Historical Interpretation section.  If you have been involved with CINP in the past or are interested in becoming involved, please take this 5 minute survey to help us decide what our members need from this organization and how we will structure the group in the future.  Thank you!

Survey for Input on Interpreting Native Cultures